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As much as we wish otherwise, breastfeeding isn’t always the most straightforward process. To begin with, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Even if this isn’t your first rodeo, there’s a good chance you forgot how to position a newborn. Plus, this is going to be your baby’s first rodeo. They’re suddenly on the outside of the womb, trying to figure out how to cope with the bright and cold world around them. They’re distracted! Then they’re sleepy! They have no idea of what’s going on! Once you get past those issues, you have to deal with potential problems, including insufficient supply, tongue tie, and clogged ducts. If you could use some extra guidance with breastfeeding, I would love to tell you about where to find lactation consultants in Oshawa. With these compassionate experts, you can have the assistance you need to feed your baby however you’d prefer. 

Overcome Any Challenge With These Fabulous Lactation Consultants In Oshawa

Laura Patterson, Lactation Consultant

Laura Patterson became a lactation consultant after facing her own personal struggles with breastfeeding. After she struggled to feed her own child, she began to search Oshawa for help before finding some International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (or IBCLC for short), thanks to her midwives. Now, she provides families with the same care that helped her find success. While she mostly provides home visits, you can also find her occasionally working with the Sage Femmes Rouge Valley Midwives and Diversity Midwives in Scarborough. If you do schedule a home visit, she can offer care within 24 hours of your call. Laura also provides prenatal classes so you can feel confident through those early feedings. 

Jandy Beresford

Jandy Beresford has firsthand experience with the literal pain of breastfeeding. While she desperately wanted to nurse her first child, she hated every single feeding because of how much it hurt. Wasn’t this supposed to be a magical bonding session with her newborn? She had two more babies after that and needed additional guidance to learn how to be the parent she always dreamed of being. Now, she gives you the tools to be the perfect parent as well. She offers virtual and in-home visits. If you prefer a clinical lactation consultant environment in Oshawa, you can speak to her to arrange it. Jandy also offers babywearing and sleep support services. 

The Mama Coach

Anya Dimaculangan is a registered nurse as well as The Mama Coach. She’s here to make sure you have all the help you need through the earliest years of parenthood. She uses her medical background to guide you through every step of your journey. For lactation consultant assistance, she can meet with you either virtually or in your Oshawa home. She will provide you with a 60-minute consultation as well as a comprehensive feeding plan. You’ll also get continued support for the next 7 days. In addition, Anya offers newborn support packages, CPR and infant choking classes, and prenatal classes that will prepare you for your baby’s arrival. 

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Next Steps Breastfeeding Support

Joan Bordash, the face behind Next Steps Breastfeeding Support, has been a medical professional since 1980. She had experience all across the medical field before moving to the maternal and infant population in the late 1990s. She is an IBCLC who has refreshed her certification 4 times. Her dedication to continuously staying informed is one of the many things that makes her a breath of fresh air in the Oshawa world of lactation consultants. Joan offers in-home consultations designed to make those first few days of nursing easier for you. She will offer you support, provide you with an education, and help you schedule a follow-up. Her goal is to ensure you have continued help as long as you need it. 

Happy Baby Lactation

Happy Baby Lactation is a practice that was started by Tess Munro, a registered nurse and IBCLC. Tess has spent the past few years working alongside other IBCLCs so she could have the experience necessary to help her future clients. Her commitment is to ensure you have comprehensive care through every part of your breastfeeding journey. While Tess is in the process of expanding her practice, she currently offers virtual and in-home consultations. The initial consultation will last for 60 minutes, and she will go over everything you need to know for happier feedings. She can also advise you on pumping, weaning, and returning to work. 

La Leche League 

Located inside the Whitby Chiropractic Wellness Centre, La Leche League offers you a team approach to your Oshawa lactation consultants. The center welcomes any parents through every stage of their breastfeeding journey. You can access the service through Telehealth, where you can speak with the experts for free. By using this resource, you’ll have access to registered nurses who will answer all your questions regarding nursing. They offer 24/7 support that you can use at any time. The center is completely funded through the Government of Ontario. The experts can provide guidance through any complications and answer your prenatal questions so you can breastfeed with confidence! 

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Nutmeg Consulting 

Nutmeg Consulting is an inclusive, non-judgemental space that offers care through your journey. The center was started by Angela Grant Buechner and now features a team of IBCLCs ready to help you with all your breastfeeding needs. The group offers support at home. You can choose to speak with either a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner. They offer private sessions both before and after your delivery that will prepare you for the early feedings. They will also be there to assist with any breastfeeding difficulties. In addition to lactation assistance, the team offers doulas, sleep coaching, yoga classes, and more. 

You Will Love The Confidence You Gain From These Lactation Consultants In Oshawa

With a lactation consultant, you’ll have the guidance you need for your breastfeeding journey. Check out these lactation consultants in Oshawa today for top-tier assistance. 

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