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A father to be reaches to touch the bump while hugging his pregnant wife from behind in a studio after meeting community care midwives

Midwives are some of the best people out there. While these providers are mainly here to offer comprehensive prenatal care, they’re really doing so much more. Midwives provide holistic assistance, checking on your mental and emotional state as well as your pregnancy’s progression. They’re asking you about your well-being, providing you with an education, and prioritizing your birth plan. If you’ve been on the search for the right provider for your pregnancy, I would love to take a second and tell you about the team at Community Care Midwives. This crew will provide you with exceptional care throughout every trimester.  

About Community Care Midwives

135 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa, Ontario L1G 4S6

Community Care Midwives is located in an adorable clinic just south of Lakeridge Health Oshawa. The practice is a teaching center, involving students at surrounding university midwifery programmes so they can have invaluable firsthand experience. The center uses a group approach and assigns 4 midwives to each patient. Not only does this allow them to take a collaborative approach to wellness, but it also ensures you have complete care anytime you need it. The midwives can assist in home births as well as hospital births at Lakeridge.

A mother to be in a green maternity gown smiles down to her bump while standing in a studio


The Community Care Midwives strive to normalize birth, treating it as a natural part of life rather than a health emergency. This approach puts patients back in control of their own care while limiting unnecessary medical interventions throughout your labour. Because of their minimal approach, they only accept low-risk patients. 

Your midwife will provide you with care throughout your entire pregnancy. They can order blood work, perform ultrasounds, and do genetic testing. Their appointments typically last for 30 minutes so they can check on your progress while also answering questions and ensuring you feel prepared for your delivery. If you choose to have a home birth, your midwife will work with you so you can properly prepare your space ahead of time. If you choose a hospital, your midwife will support you and order any medicines you might need. They can even order epidurals if you’d like. Their goal is to empower you to make the decisions that are best for you and your baby. 

A mother to be in a green maternity gown stands in a studio holding her bump after meeting community care midwives


Your care with Community Care Midwives doesn’t end with your baby’s birth. The center will schedule regular postpartum visits. Within the first 24 hours of your baby’s birth, your midwife will come visit you in your home. Then, throughout those first 6 weeks, you will have approximately 5 additional postpartum checkups where they will check on your physical recovery as well as your mental stage. After that, you’ll be released into the care of a general physician. 

Once You Meet The Community Care Midwives Team, You Will Not Want Anyone Else By Your Side

With your team at Community Care Midwives, you can have the birth experience that’s right for you. Check out this team today to book high-quality prenatal care!

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A mother to be holds her bump while standing in a studio
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