Save the Planet With Cloth Diaper Services in Oshawa!

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Stocking up on cloth diapers is one of the best investments you can make when you’re a new parent. Not only will you save tons of money down the line, but you’ll also be saving those huge piles from ending up in landfills. People who use cloth diapers swear their babies get less diaper rash and have an easier time potty training. The only problem is that cloth diapers can take a lot of time. You’re already dealing with mountains of laundry, and now, you have to add in specialty diaper loads. Luckily, there are diaper services dedicated to making the entire process as convenient as possible. If you want to cloth diaper but don’t want to spend your life next to the washing machine, I would love to tell you about two cloth diaper services in Oshawa to check out! 

Save Money And The Environment With These Incredible Cloth Diaper Services In Oshawa

A newborn baby sleeps in froggy pose on a white pad naked

Comfy Cotton Diaper Service

Comfy Cotton Diaper Service was started in 1988, making it the oldest diaper service in the Oshawa area. The service is operated out of a 12,000-square-foot warehouse in Markham, Ontario. Every year, the company takes care of over 4,000,000 labs of dirty laundry. No matter how much they’re working with, they remain completely committed to delivering fresh, sanitary diapers ready to protect your baby’s bum. 

True to their name, the Oshawa service uses 100% cotton cloth diapers. The pre-folds have 6 layers of cotton in the middle as well as 4 layers on the side. Safe to say, nothing is going to escape these diapers! Comfy Cotton Diaper also makes it very convenient. You’ll place soiled diapers in the provided pail and leave them out. They will pick up the pile and leave you with a fresh stack. Then, they take the diapers to the warehouse, use industrial cleaner, and make sure they’re germ- and mess-free for the next family. The cleaners use a balanced pH to keep your baby’s skin safe. 

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Eco Diaper

Eco Diaper is a family-owned business that’s saving the world one diaper bin at a time! The company was founded by Monique Onguene while she was running an in-home daycare centre. Monique had always encouraged her families to use cloth diapers and decided to make the process much easier for them. Now, she works with families all across Oshawa to encourage them on their cloth diaper journey. 

You’ll start out by selecting the right package for your family. The packages come with the necessary amount of diapers as well as a coaching session with the experts. You’ll also get big wet bags for stashing the used diapers, as well as small wet bags for when you’re out and about. They deliver twice a week, so you never have to worry about running out of diapers.  

You Will Love The Convenience And Your Baby’s Comfort With These Great Cloth Diaper Services In Oshawa

By using Oshawa cloth diaper services, you can have an eco-friendly option that’s just as convenient as disposable diapers! Check out these services today so you can get started on your cloth diaper journey.

If you’re looking for more ways to make parenthood easier, we should chat. I’m a family photographer in Oshawa, and when I’m not planning dreamy photo sessions, I’m telling parents about my favorite places. If you’ve been considering booking some pictures for your family, let’s connect so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. Let’s chat soon! 

A newborn baby sleeps in froggy pose on a bean bag in a studio
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