A young toddler girl in a white dress is carried by mom through a field of white and purple lavender at sunset with dad following behind

Quality Care for Your Child With These 6 Pediatricians In Whitby

Parents have a lot of secret weapons to make things run a little smoother. Maybe it’s a blanket that you know will instantly calm down your child or a silly song you know will cheer them up when they’re feeling sad. While all these might do the trick for your family, the one universal tool every parent needs is a good pediatrician. Not only will they be there for the general visits, but they’re fantastic for those after-hour mysteries, including […]

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young boy throwing rocks into the lake

Top Locations for Swim Lessons in Toronto for Summer!

Swimming is a basic life skill that I think all kids and adults should have. As it so happens, signing your kids up for community swim lessons in Toronto can feel like the latest edition of the Hunger Games. So, if you’re looking for some incredible swimming lessons for you or your little ones in the Toronto area, then this is the blog for you! Let’s DIVE in to my top recommendations for swim lessons in Toronto. My Recommendations for Swim […]

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Young boy making a gingerbread house while wearing a santa hat

10 tips for photographing your kids and using the DSLR you got for Christmas!

So many of my clients love taking photos of their kids, I mean, who doesn’t? Some of my clients are even photographers themselves, or hobbiests, and I love that. Many though, tell me about their fancy DSLR camera they got when their first child was born and now it sits in the closet. I don’t love that so much haha. There’s probably a few of you who even got new fancy cameras for Christmas this year! You’ve probably played around […]

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