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6 questions to ask when looking for a Doula in Toronto

Welcoming a child into the world is a profound and transformative experience. Throughout history, various cultures have recognized the importance of providing compassionate care and support to birthing individuals. In recent years, the role of a doula has gained significant recognition, especially in cities like Toronto. Doulas in Toronto offer invaluable support, guidance, and advocacy during pregnancy, labour, and postpartum. In this blog, I will explore the empowering support provided by Toronto doulas and the questions you want to ask when considering […]

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Expecting moms choose Baby Shack in Whitby for motherhood needs!

Being a new mom can be both very exciting and very overwhelming all at once! There are so many things needed, especially when expecting your first baby, it can be hard to know where to start. The good news is, right here in Whitby, we have a wonderful baby store that can help make the process of preparing for baby a whole lot easier. If you haven’t heard of it already, I introduce to you, Baby Shack! About Baby Shack […]

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