Your belonging, your history: Why it’s important to print your images

Last week we celebrated my son’s 4th birthday. As you could imagine, in those four years I’ve snapped an uncountable number of photos of him. Sometimes these photos are capturing a quick moment on my phone, sometimes I haul out the “big camera”, and sometimes I even bring him into the studio to capture him and his personality at any particular moment in time.

4 year old boy

As you could also imagine, I have photos of my son, and our family, all over the house. In fact, sometimes I wonder if it’s a little too shrine-like and I should be looking into other forms of art, but I’ve been assured I’m not there yet! Printing photos is so important to me. These photos hang on our walls, and fill up albums. They remind me of the day he was born, the moment we became a family of 3, the way he fell asleep that one time in his jolly jumper, the way the dog would lay like a guard in front of his crib, how he laughed until he drooled at his second birthday party, how he looked after his first (and so far only) haircut, the list goes on and on.

The funny thing is, I thought I was printing our photos for myself, but now I know it is for him. There’s barely a day that goes by that he doesn’t refer to the pictures on the walls, or want to look through one of his albums, as we sit and I tell him the story that goes along with the photo staring back at us. His favourite photos are the ones of himself of course, but he asks about mommy and daddy, talks about “when he was a baby”, points out how happy our dog looks, and remembers our cat who has since passed. This is his family he proudly declares! These photos that are hung on our walls, and displayed on our shelves give him a sense of belonging, and love, deep rooted in family. He knows just how important he is to us, and as a part of this family.

Family of 3 with dog

Family Photo credit: Ashley Eve Photography

Sometimes the days are long, but this time goes quickly. Don’t hide away these photos, don’t risk the chance of loosing them forever on a cd (which is now obsolete) or when your computer crashes. Create meaningful, and beautiful art and albums. One day your little one won’t be so little anymore. One day they may have a family of their own. Make sure your history has been documented in a way that can be shared with generations to come.

playing in puddles

Now is the time, let’s get some pictures on your wall or create a cherished family album.

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