Baby Jax | Whitby Newborn Photography

Little Jax came in to the studio with his mom and nana a couple of weeks ago. He was so chill and I loved spending time with this little newborn and his family. Chubby cheeks, baby rolls and cute little toes, what’s not to love!?

newborn in black and white newborn newborn with mom newborn newborn newborn newborn newborn newborn newborn newborn newborn


Baby Emily | Whitby Newborn Photography

I welcomed this gorgeous babe into the studio a few weeks ago, ok several weeks ago. I am a bit behind on my blog posts!  Emily was the sweetest, and it was a pleasure meeting her big sister Olivia, and her mom and dad.  Emily slept through her entire session and loved to curl and bend into the cutest poses.


newborn baby

newborn baby

mom with newborn baby  newborn baby newborn baby


Baby Chloe | Whitby Newborn Photography

Baby Chloe was the sweetest little thing. She came to my Whitby studio at a month old, a little older than I would typically photograph a newborn, but she was a dream and slept nearly the entire time! It was also great to meet her mom and dad, I felt like I had known them a long time, not just a few hours! Mom even brought in her wedding dress so we could use it to photograph little Chloe with, and I think the result is very special! Here are a few favourites from the session.

newborn with family

newborn with dad

newborn with mom

newborn in dad's hands


wedding rings on newborn toes

newborn close up

newborn with family


newborn with head on hands

newborn on mom's wedding dress


Baby Greyson | Whitby Newborn Photography

Baby Greyson came to visit me in my Whitby photography studio last month. His sweet little face and adorable little chin had me smitten! This session was also special because baby Greyson’s mom and dad are friends of ours. We’ve been to each other’s weddings, and are now sharing the joys of parenthood! I couldn’t be more happy for them!





IMG_9825-copy  newborn photo


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